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GenIII PE100

Airquip GenIII Polyethylene (PE100) piping is used in a wide range of situations across many industries. There are several jointing methods available for this system, including welded or mechanical fittings. GenIII piping is very easy to add-on components using tees, saddles or adapting fittings to add droppers or outlets as required.

Metric Compression (Mechanical) fittings are available for sale, these represent a very easy DIY system that can be uninstalled and re-used at a later date if needed for a temporary connection. Not recommended for use with pressure systems over 8 bar working pressure, or to connect directly into an air compressor (heat and vibration can loosen the fitting).

Socket-Fusion welded fittings are a cost-effective fitting system that can be installed underground or behind cladding if needed, due to the low profile and secure nature of the fitting. The fittings are made from the same material as the pipe, and both are heated to the same temperature, joined and cooled at the same time, forming an integral bond. It can be installed by any person trained in the use of the welder, however it is labour-intensive above 40mm.

Electro-Fusion welded fittings are the go-to fitting system for sizes above 40mm where a welded system is required, i.e. for a high-pressure (10 bar working) installation or directly into the compressed air plant. Welded fittings are not re-usable, require a moderate amount of prep work before installation (scraping, cleaning and wiping with methylated spirits or pipe wipes) but form a strong, long lasting connection that will last for many years. A special welder is again required for this system, several models are available for sale or we have some units for hire if needed.

Airquip offers an installation service and can provide advisory assistance to determine the best product for your needs, working through drawings or a mudmap to pull out a list of pipe and fittings from which we can provide a pricing estimate. Our qualified installation teams can assist with routing, advanced airflow dynamics and industry best practices, as well as electrical connection for compressed air plant and equipment.