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Air treatment

Eliminate costly moisture problems with an efficient air dryer.

If you run air tools, pumps and machinery on clean dry air, they not only ice up less, they also require less maintenance and last longer.

Compressed air is costly. Repairs and regular maintenance on compressors is a large expense for any operator. An air drying system makes the most of your air investment by making the air work more efficiently.

Refrigerated Dryers

Widely used in industrial compressed air systems, refrigerated dryers work in conjunction with compressors to provide a cool, dry air supply. Air is cooled to a pressure dewpoint of 3°C. At this temperature water vapour is converted to condensate and discharged to waste.

Desiccant Dryer Towers

For operators who require the highest quality air in all operating conditions. Desiccant dryers clean and dry air for the most stringent requirements. Desiccant/filter dryers dry air to pressure dewpoints as low as -40°C with oil mist removal to 0.01 ml/m³.

Where does all the moisture come from?

On any given day, the air all around us contains water vapour – usually expressed as Relative Humidity RH%. The higher the RH, the more water vapour held by the air we breathe.

When your air compressor takes this air and compresses it to 100 psi, it has to suck in 7 cubic feet of free air to make 1 cubic foot of compressed air! So you’ve got 7 times more moisture in any volume immediately!

As compressors generate heat by compressing, the air is hot and the moisture will stay suspended as vapour. But as the air cools down – in your pipework and equipment – it condensates into real water. That’s what can really cause you a problem, especially if your operation requires dry air.

Parts such as filters, filter regulators, water separators and lubricators are all available in the air treatment section.