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Compressed air componentry


Pipe Products: View informative data sheets, procedures and brochures on HDPEKWIKfitAluminium or Stainless Steel pipes and pipe systems.

Air Treatment: View your options on getting clean, dry, regulated or lubricated compressed air to your sensitive equipment.

Outlet Styles: Let’s face it, a compressed air system is nothing without a way to get the air to the point of use. From hose reels to blow guns and genuine Nitto couplers, we have the options you need.

Pipe Support Systems: If you have pipe, you need a way to keep it where you want it. Whether you’re after a permanent fixing or something you can take down when you want a change, your options are all here.

Technical Info tells you all you need to know about flow rates, diameters and friction loss. This is for the technical minded, or people who want to know what they’re getting.


Contact us to access a comprehensive range of D.I.Y. products for your home workshop or shed. Because these modular systems allow for self-installing your compressed air pipe easily, they allow for simple removal or adjustment.

These systems are all available for self install (with training, recommendations, and rental pipework installation equipment from Airquip staff), but Airquip can also quote you on a comprehensive installation package as well – yours to decide the location of outlets and compressed air supply, ours to do the work in getting good, clean air in between. This service is for all South Australia and Northern Territory customers, as well as people in country Victoria and Western NSW areas. Located in Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills, Airquip is centrally located and able to serve customers near and far.

If you’re still lost, contact us and we’ll do our best to get you underway. We’re here to help!