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Select your outlet styles: A range of options.

Whether you need a hose reel or a simple, hard mounted quick-connect coupling, there are parts available and the options are endless.

Nitto Couplers and Plugs

For value-for-money, quality and reliability, the Nitto Air Series couplers are second to none. No matter how irregular your needs might be, the versatile configurations of the Nitto system is almost certain to have a solution for you. Couplers are fitted with one-way valves that prevent air from escaping while not in use. Airquip and Pipetool only sell genuine Nitto fittings. See your options in store or ask us for a catalogue of parts.

Hose Reels

Hose reels are a popular way to get versatile with your compressed air installation. When not in use they can retract into a solid or swinging wall-mounted unit. Popular with garages, service centres, mining workshops and other safety-conscious workplaces, these hose reels can be fitted with just about any threaded or hosetail-barbed coupling to adapt perfectly to your existing system.

Memory Coils

Working perfectly in conjunction with the Nitto Couplers and Plugs above, the Nitto-brand memory coils are quickly becoming a popular option for an outlet system that can be easily moved around your workshop. When the air is no longer needed, the memory coils spring back to their original size. This option has the advantage of being rugged as well as versatile. Can be fitted with Nitto PNG and SNG plastic couplings to prevent injury and damage from the hose swinging, or with standard hosetail barbs. Available in different lengths.