Who is Airquip?

Established in 1997, AIRQUIP & PIPETOOL is recognized as a key player in specialist supply and installation of compressed air reticulation/treatment systems The companies’ credentials include supply, installation and equipment rental services to some of South Australia’s largest projects including;

  • Garages
  • Desalination
  • Heavy equipment workshops
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Shipyards
  • Power stations
  • Farms and primary producers
  • Large manufacturing facilities
  • Defence projects
  • Major wineries and breweries
  • Concrete plants
  • Abattoirs and other food processing works

Compressed air/pipework reticulation installation

Our Adelaide Hills based warehouse holds large stocks of compressed air pipe systems. We have various materials from 4mm nylon pushfit to 160mm aluminium, with a large range of hoses, filters and couplings. Because of this, Airquip and Pipetool can supply all your needs from your compressor to point of use, with approved and complying products.

Our services

In every instance, high calibre products from our wide range of available brands are used. We also only offer products that are designed to suit your applications.

Evaluate compressed air needs, as well as advise on air system requirements

Plan pipework route around existing/proposed other services – Installation of pipe systems, to a professional and compliant standard

Condensate management and air treatment packages

Compressed air audits

Ultrasonic leak detection for air system efficiency and power saving

Supply only compressed air systems for self install

Compressed air products – system extension/changes and complete compressed air systems

Complete air pipework packages are available for simple self install in your home shed or workshop. This offers versatility, flexibility and user friendliness! Furthermore, most of these systems are reusable – if you move, you can take your air system with you. Airquip and Pipetool are able to offer recommendations on the best compressed air system for your particular application, for you to purchase the right gear, the first time. We’re also happy to offer pricing for installation service if you want the job looking showroom-standard – that’s our specialty!

If you are need assistance, please contact us on(08) 8398 5111 to discuss any needs and applications.

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