Why Airquip?

Why Airquip?

Airquip and Pipetool Pty Ltd is a reputable company started in 1997 and delivering high quality products with a focus on workmanship, safety, and compliance. We’ve successfully delivered pipework and complete systems to many areas around Australia with emphasis on South Australia and the greater Adelaide region. Our Adelaide Hills main office/warehouse holds stock of many different pipework systems for various services, and our people are well trained in installation and use of the system and related tooling.
We are South Australia’s first choice for installation of pipe systems for compressed air and other services. With our central location, we have successfully completed jobs for many world-class facilities around Australia, including Far North QLD, Groote Eyelandt (NT), Coober Pedy, Alice Springs and many throughout metro Adelaide.

Some of our key experience has come from the following fields:

  • Abbatoirs, meatworks, and other food processing
  • Winery, brewery and bottling facilities
  • Cement batching and storage/transfer plants
  • Grain storage silos
  • Heavy equipment (earthmoving/civil/government) service workshops
  • Aircraft maintenance hangars
  • Blast and paint facilities
  • Automotive workshops including tyre shops
  • Cabinetmakers and CNC machine shops
  • Defence – RAAF vehicle maintenance
  • Defence – Bushmaster maintenance
  • Defence – Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) blast and paint
  • Major engineering/fabrication workshops
  • Production lines, including vehicle manufacturing
  • Farms and primary producers
  • Adelaide desalination plant
  • Power generation
  • Motorsport and bicycle racing

We have also gained knowledge from the hundreds of small garages and home workshops that we provide componentry for. Some of our systems cater for easy DIY installation of compressed air pipe that facilitates a tidy work area and can look great.

Our practical experience, attention to detail, and expertise have cemented our reputation as the leader in the industry.

Talk to Airquip today to find out just how easy we can make it for you!