Airquip and Pipetool can supply and install modular air piping for applications from 20mm to 160mm. Corrosion-free aluminium compressed air piping and corresponding fittings are specially designed to save costs by avoiding energy waste and leakage.

On top of that, they do not corrode and the smooth inner surface keeps air clean in both the short and long term. Air quality is maintained throughout the whole network and up to the points of use, ensuring manufacturing processes and downstream equipment is protected.

This combination of features helps preserve the system pressure as required while reducing costs by lowering energy consumption.

This system offers a number of benefits:

– Simple installation, fast connection with basic tools up to 63mm.

– Extremely resistant to corrosion, UV and mechanical shock

– Multiple diameters available

– Suitable for up to 13 bar pressures

If you need help choosing the right fitting, have a question about shipping or need anything else at all, we are always happy to help. Call (08) 8398 5111 and we will provide you with any information you need.

The aluminium compressed air system is also available with green piping for use in state-of-the-art Nitrogen systems, red for Fire Fighting, grey for Vacuum and brown for Oil.

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