Lube Cube

The Lube Cube is Airquip and Pipetool Pty Ltd’s patented solution to field servicing. Powered 100% by compressed air, the Lube Cube can be fully customised according to your needs.

  • Faster. No double handling and decanting of oils – simply load on two 205 litre drums!
  • Safer. Reduced oil handling means less spillage and wastage!
  • Smarter. Digital metered oil nozzles help you to keep track of every drop!

Load and go – simply load your oil drums, connect a compressed air supply and go!

Safe – eliminate spillage and waste – no more decanting and messy oil transfer!

Waste oil evacuation – the same pump fills and empties the waste oil tank – easy transfer of waste!

Accurate – Digital metered oil nozzles ensure the correct amounts of oil are transferred every time.

Compact – footprint of 1170 x 1020mm comfortably fits in most common utes.

Versatile – easy loading and unloading of drums. Standard 2-drum unit is forkliftable from all sides.

Adaptable – is the standard LubeCube not quite right for you? We can fully customise – make it larger, smaller, add a grease system or air compressor – just tell us what you need!

Standard features:

  • Stainless steel waste oil pipework
  • 2 x air operated drum pumps
  • 15m (1/2″ ID) new oil hose reels
  • 1 x waste oil diaphragm pump
  • 2 x digital metered oil guns
  • 1 x 15m (3/4″ ID) waste oil hose reel
  • 1 x 4-way waste oil transfer valve


  • Dimensions W D H: 1170 x 1020 x 1400mm
  • Empty weight (no drums): 280kg
  • Waste oil capacity: 228 litre

For more information regarding the LubeCube, you can download the brochure. Images below show some of the different options available.