Oil and Service Equipment

With the introduction of the LUBE CUBE, our product offering has expanded into the oil and lubricant equipment market, which allows us to service you with high quality imported lubrication and transfer gear.

Have a look at our range of pumps, filters, hose reels, nozzles and drip trays, along with a selection of products for transferring grease. We can also supply tanks, waste oil drainers, pit drains, suction hose and fittings. If you’re looking for hose reel gantries or IBC-mounted frames, you’re in the right place!

With supply of industry-proven brands such as Ecodora, Meclube, Hartex and Graco, and 316 stainless steel crimped pipework, Airquip and Pipetool can make sure your workshop or garage is set up in the most efficient way possible. Ask us for a quote to fit you out – you’ll notice the Airquip difference!

Airquip and Pipetool service Adelaide, South Australia and Northern Territory, as well as the Riverland and Mallee regions with installation of product including complete systems for grease, oil and fluid reticulation. Oil supply systems installed by Airquip include remote locations such as Coober Pedy and Groote Eylandt, as well as closer to home – Edinburgh, the Adelaide Hills, Barossa and other areas in Greater Adelaide.

If you’ve come here especially for the LUBE CUBE – congratulations!, you’ve found the right website. The page you need is here and this will have most of the details you need. Of course, if you want more information, you can call us on (08) 8398 5111 for pricing, lead time, a consultation or simple chat – we’d love to hear from you!