Pipe Systems

Super KWIKfit is a semi-rigid nylon pipe system for reticulation of compressed air around industrial workshops and home garages. Ease of installation, re-usable fittings, neat appearance and the ability to add to the system makes Super KWIKfit a very popular product for many of our clients.

HDPE PE100 Polyethylene pressure piping systems are designed to be user-friendly, long lasting and low maintenance. Airquip GenIII Compressed Air Pipe is SDR7.4 to offer a 2:1 safety factor at 20C. Several jointing techniques are available, Compression mechanical fittings or welded systems with Socket-Fusion or Electro-Fusion.

Stainless Steel Crimp systems revolutionise stainless steel piping with its simplicity, durability and incredibly fast installation time. The neat appearance and aesthetic of stainless steel makes it the ideal product for use where presentation is paramount.

Aluminium compressed air systems do not corrode and the smooth inner surface keeps air clean in both the short and long term. Air quality is maintained throughout the whole network and up to the points of use, ensuring manufacturing processes and downstream equipment is protected.